Stephen E. Ambrose Legacy Society

Stephen E. Ambrose Legacy Society recognizes special individuals and couples who have included The National World War II Museum in their estate plans. These gifts support our mission to preserve and share the history of the American experience during World War II. The Museum would like to thank these Legacy Society members for their generous support. 

Nearly three decades after Ambrose’s original vision to build a national D-Day museum, The National World War II Museum stands as a testament to his epic dream, and now, you can forever be a part of this legacy.

You become part of this distinguished group when you include The National World War II Museum in your will, trust, retirement plan, life insurance or create a life-income gift.

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Let us know!

Please let us know if you’ve included a gift for The National World War II Museum. Providing us with documentation is the best way to ensure that your gift is used in the way you intend.

As a member of Stephen E. Ambrose Legacy Society, you will receive:

Recognition on a Donor Wall in the Museum and in our Annual Report (with your permission)

Invitations to special events and programs

The reassurance that you are defending freedom for future generations by keeping the lessons of WWII alive

Our Legacy Society Members

Maj. Michael Abrams, USAF (Ret.)
Ron and Karen Adams
Barbara S. Akins
IMO Donald S. Akins
Frank Arian
Robert J. and Maureen R. Avina
IMO Robert C. Bogash and
Charles W. Hendershott
Mary N. Bailey
Jerilyn Batina
Justin M. Bein
David Wesley Ewell Black,
MAJ, USA (Ret.)
Robert and Lenore Briskman
Charles Neil Bullock
IMO Charles Brantley Bullock,
USNCB (Seabees), WWII
Capt. Carroll Campbell
James F. Clarke
Elwood R. Collins
Susan and Gerald Connor
IMO Joseph A. Ballard, USMC
Jim Cooney
Steve R. and Laura A. Corbett
Cathy Cosenza
IMO Corporal Louis A. Cosenza,
Mr. and Mrs. Dave Cowan
Gail P. Cox
IMO Everett A. Smith, Pvt.
Michael Crane
Bryan Culp
Thomas M. Czekanski
Arthur Q. Davis
Susan A. Demorsky
Allen E. Dewitt
IMO Alvin E. and
Geraldine K. Dewitt
Ray Doss
Wm. Craig Dubishar
Walter H. Duke Jr.
Michael A. Ehrman
Nathan S. Elder
Patricia “Trish” Eubanks
Ronald Falciano
Roger L. Farney
Charles Faught
Dawn Ilene Faulkner
Gladys Feijoo
Col. & Mrs. Thomas G. Fierke
Jay H. Frankel
Dayton G. Geary
Alisa and Jon Giulietti
Stephen Glassey
IMO Maj. John R. Glassey
Chris Gray
Dr. Clarence S. Greene Jr. and MiMi
Jack R. Gross
IMO SSgt. Herbert Gross
G. Robert Hamrdla
Thomas and Charlene Hand
Fiske Hanley II
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Tucker Hayes
Don Heidrich
David Martin Hendrick and
Stephanie Nigh Hendrick
Edward J. Hill
Madlyn and Paul Hilliard
Nelson S. Hoffman
Grace O. Hogan
Jordan Hornstein
Michael F. Huebner, LTC, USA (Ret.) &
Carol A. Huebner, COL, USA (Ret.)
IHO and IMO our Fathers Floyd C.
Huebner, USA, WWII and
Alfred J. Isaac, USN, WWII
Col. Richard Hutchins, USAF (Ret.)
William J. Hyde
Louise James
Tyrone Jamison
Ray G. Jensen
Byron R. Johnson
IHO Major Thomas R. Johnson
Jr. and 1st Lt. Stewart Kenneth
Loren C. Johnson
Arthur Jones
Jeffrey Jordan
Charles R. Kilbourne
Dot Klock
Roy H. Larner Jr.
Leo Laskowski
Mr. and Mrs. Henry A. Leander
Oscar Lewis
Tim and Elizabeth Lewis
IMO Floyd B. Lewis and
Ralph Wilson
John S. and Cynthia J. Lindstedt
Mr. Lou Linxwiler
Kearby Lyde
Patricia F. Mayfield
IMO Earl Everett Mayfield Sr.,
Army, WWII
Suzanne and Michael Mestayer
Robert and Susan McCollum
Dr. Robert McWhirter
Carole A. Montre-Sand
Lawrence Nothdurft
IMO Milton H. (Funny) Nothdurft
Joseph O’Dowd and Diana Maria
Jane and Ronald L. Olson
Eileen Owsiany
James C. Parrie and Sheila J. Parrie
IHO Cpl. William Kenyon, RAF
Drs. David J. and Marti E. Peck
IMO 1st Lt. Clifford J. Peck,
USAAF 111th TRS – KIA Sicily 1945
Aimee Pergalsky
Mary W. Pless
Lewis A. Post
Mr. Robert Prior
Ellis T. Reed
Dr. and Mrs. Garth T. Reid
Urban G. Rump
Andrew J. Salmon
Rick K. Scheffel
Dr. Gwen Schneider
John Seck
Joseph Seck
Dr. Margaret A. Sharp
Beth K. Shaw
Robert V. Siebel
Delores Soroe
IMO Maj. Louis Soroe, USAF
Saundra & Peter Spilotro
IMO Herbert H. Macknick
Gail and David Spivack
IMO Robert Gates DeWeese
Brian P. Stanley
Frank and Paulette Stewart
Ward Sullivan
Allan Vincent Tait
Taube Family
Dr. Sharon Estill Taylor
Thomas C. Terrell III
Gary and Linda Thomas
Lovick P. Thomas VI, MD, FACR
IMO Major Lovick P. Thomas V
Jeri L. Tillman
Nathan L. Todd
Florence T. Upson
IMO David Richardson Upson
Edmund M. Urbas
Kathleen R. Vogt
Dr. Mayme Kathy Volanty
IMO Blaine L. Hufnagle
Bruce E. Wamsley
Michael B. Wanas
Curt S. Wary and
Kathleen R. Vogt
Cherry Whitley
Christine T. Whitman
Dr. Tryon Wieland
Chris and Susan Williamson
IMO Susan H. Williamson
Frank G. Wilson
IMO Charles Wilson Jr., 282
Combat Engineer Battalion
Governor Pete Wilson and
Mrs. Gayle Wilson
Jeanette Hodges Zajac
And Eight Donors Who Wish to
Remain Anonymous

We remember with special gratitude the individuals whose legacy gifts to The National WWII Museum have been realized.

The 801st 492nd Bombardment
Group Association
The 86th ‘Black Hawk’ Infantry
Division Organization, Inc.
Mercedes “Mitzi” S. Aguirre
Darleen and Donald Alexander
Anne Anthony
IMO Robert J. Hanbury
Patricia Ann Jean Barile
IHO her parents, Antheny A.
and Ethel T. Barile
John and Virginia Bettencourt
Thomas J. Billings
Robert Stevenson Boyd
Pamela Jeanne Brooks
IHO Aubrey J. Brooks Jr.
Robert Burness
Waldo C. and Arabelle J. Burnett
Edward P. Camp
Daniel Castner
CBI Veterans–California Group
Judith K. Chamberlin
Robert Oliver Cole and
Lucille Bishop Cole
Marjorie Monroe Colomb
Margaret V. Colvin
Josephine Comodo
Jo Ann Corey
Leslie H. Cox
IMO 2nd LT Howard L. Cox Jr.,
USAAC (1924-1944)
Robert W. Dannelley
Richard Dorney
Arthur J. Elchek
Nathan S. Elder
Erwin Charles Ellerbeck Jr.
A.H. Feige, Jr.
Carolyn Davis Fernandez
IMO Capt. Julian M. Fernandez
Bertram E. Fetter
Henry and Audrey Fontcuberta
Capt. John Ford
Jerome Gewirtz
Dr. Morris W. Goldberg
Peter Gordon Gray and Julaine Roy Gray
John H. Griffith II, U.S. Merchant Marine
Jewell Watson Grima
IMO Thomas J. Grima
Thaddeus Gruszecki
Col. Carolyn A. Guertin (Ret.)
Henry Francis Gurney
Aaron M. “Rick” Harris
Judy Harris
Lawrence C. Harris
Genevieve G. Higgins
Anita Hirsh
Grace O’Connor Hogan
Jackie Hollis Henderson
Harry H. Howard
William Daniel Huddleston
Mr. and Mrs. Harold P. Jaffe
Raymond Gene Jensen
Sophia Kallelis
IMO her husband
Theodore S. Kallelis
Charles R. Kilbourne
Paul J. Kranick
IMO Frank E. Kranick,
MIA 1945
Raymond J. Kress
H.W. Lay
Liselotte Levy Weil
IMO Leo Levy and Ferdinand Levy
Colin C. Livingston and Beverly
Lucille Marottoli
Janet L. Merrill
Violet S. Michaels
IMO Anthony Michaels
Manderson Miles Sr. and
Joseph S. Miles
LTC Stanley Mitick Jr., USAF (Ret.)
Charles R. Murray
Rose P. Murray
Mark P. Norman
Cdr. and Mrs. Henry O’Connor, USNR
Patricia Palmer
Mrs. Kathleen “Kayo” Parker
John U. Parolo
Mr. Felicien “Gus” Perrin
Robert C. Pharher
IMO Irving Harry Pharher
Julian M. Pleasants, PhD
Mary Hom Quan
William and Marnette Ragon
Maria J. Raffa
Sophie B. Reed
IHO Chief Warrant Officer Harold
J. Reed
Ellis T. Reed
Anne S. Reilly
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin P. Reilly Sr.
Leonard T. ReVeal
Noah Riley
Richard J. Rinebolt
Paul Rivas
Ida M. Rucklos
Clifford J. Rutstein
Charles A. Sarahan
Harold W. Schluenz
Lloyd Francis Scott
Jack M. Schwartz
Abraham Z. and Norma Shanzer
Kathe A. Shields
Sharyn Robbins Silverstein
Betty Gilbert Sisson
Thomas and Mary Rose Slattery
Richard Paul Smyers
Marianne K. St. Claire
IMO Col. William K. St. Claire
Stuart X. Stephenson Jr.
James H. Stone
Margaret M. Suszko
Arthur D. Thomas
Margaret B. Thurlow
IMO YNCM Clinton S. Thurlow Jr.
Mark Anthony Toups
Georgette “Gigi” Viellion
G. Paula Walter
Edward J. Weber
Mrs. Liselotte Levy Weil
IMO Leo Levy and Ferdinand Levy
Alfred Langford Woodill
Samuel Zemurray III
And Two Donors Who Wish to
Remain Anonymous

Our Mission. Your Legacy.

Each year, the Museum receives support from passionate Members, volunteers, and friends through their estates. Their gifts provide a lasting impact that helps keep the WWII generation’s voice alive. And every gift counts—no matter the size, your gift will help ensure that future generations are inspired by the Museum you cherish today.
Your generous gift will become part of the Museum’s endowment, which was established to help meet current institutional goals and secure resources for future goals of expanding exhibits, infrastructure, and staff. These cherished endowment funds provide support for the Museum’s educational programming, while also supplying our staff with the means to think creatively and design new initiatives for generations to come.

Making a lasting tribute to the Museum through a deferred planned gift is easy and can be as simple as creating provisions in your will or revocable living trust to benefit the Museum, or naming us as a beneficiary in your life insurance policy. A charitable gift in your estate plan is easy to establish, can be changed at any time, and often produces tangible benefits for you and your family.

Through your planned gift, your legacy is secured forever as a member of the Stephen E. Ambrose Legacy Society, an essential part of the foundation of this institution. Ambrose, who passed away in 2002, devoted his life’s work to preserving and honoring the stories of our service members and Home Front workers who helped achieve victory in World War II. Through the Society, you reflect those values and become a part of our mission: to educate younger generations on the lessons of World War II and to honor the men and women who sacrificed so much for us.

 As you plan for your future, we invite you to join our mission so that your legacy can continue through our future educational initiatives. 

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Shelita G. Bourgeois, M.S.

Shelita G. Bourgeois, M.S.

Planned Giving Officer

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